Hangar Long Wagon Wheelbarrow Without Wheels

Product Code 1903

Parcel Number 1

Parcel Weight 40,00 KG

Capacity 500 KG

Stock Status Yes

Product Code: 1903
Product Name: Hangar Long Wagon Wheelbarrow - Without Wheel
Product Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Weight: 40.00 KG
Carrying Capacity: 500KG
Explanation : This product is produced in red color with the static oven paint method by strengthening the chassis with thick special profile pipe, L iron and steel wires. Our product is offered with plastic rim air wheels, pony rubber, pvc rubber and rubber options. This product is designed in standards that can accommodate 4 fruit crates on its floor. Our product, which you can use for years with its flexible and ergonomic structure, provides convenience for you and your business in transporting materials such as boxes, straw, bales, sacks, wood, coal in greenhouses, vineyards, gardens, industry and construction areas.
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